Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sarah Kain Gutowski's Fabulous Beast: The Sow

Sarah Kain Gutowski’s new chapbook, Fabulous Beat: The Sow, published by Hyacinth Girl Press, is a fabulous (!) journey through realms rarely seen in the everyday. This is an intense, compulsively readable, and powerful narrative of a sow which follows her rumination and renunciation of the given body. She is a magical spirit-shifting and shape-shifting mother navigating the roads between animal-hood and person-hood.

There is such a pull to the story, an exercise in magical realism I have not experienced in a while. There is such awareness of the body: its burden and heaviness, its magic and beastliness. This book asks the all-important questions we all wonder about: How do we break free from the meat of our bodies? How do we come to terms with the mortality of all things? Even id answers to these questions seem outside of our grasp,Fabulous Beat: The Sow makes the journey to the answers enjoyable.

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