Thursday, July 10, 2014

Upcoming Reviews... Stay Tuned!

Life has been a bit tumultuous lately, and I have been busy with various other projects, so I haven't had a chance to catch up on book reviews. But I thought I might offer a sneak peek of what's coming, now that things have settled down for me a little. Reviews for these titles will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Kristina Marie Darling's Requited

Joanna Penn Cooper's What is a Domicile?

Paul David Adkin's Stick-Up

Allie Marini Batts' Unmade and Other Poems

Allie Marini Batts' You Might Curse Before You Bless

Maggie Rehr's How To Get Into Heaven When Everybody Hates You (& Other Ghost Stories)

Sarah Lilius's What Becomes Within

Alessandra Bava's They Talk About Death

My fellow poets, I adore you! Your work deserves proper recognition and praise. I have already glanced over a few of these collections, and I can already see that they are fantastic!

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